We have take-away portions for sale.


1.Shahi Paneer 13,00€
Cottage cheese in tomato cream sauce

2.Saag Paneer/Saag Tofu 13,00€
Cottage cheese or tofu in spinach-curry-cream sauce. 

3.Malai Kofta 13,00€
Soft vegetable balls (cashew, potato, cottage cheese) in tomato- cream sauce.

4.Tofu Masala 13,00€
Tofu and capsicum in onion-ginger-tomato-chili sauce.


5.Sunkoshi Chicken (Butter Chicken) 13,00€
Yogurt-marinated tandoori roasted chicken in tomato-cream sauce. 

6.Chicken Tikka Masala 13,00€two-spicy
Yogurt-marinated tandoori roasted chicken in onion-tomato-cumin sauce. 

7.Methi Chicken 13,00€two-spicy
Stewed chicken seasoned with fenugreek, garlic and ginger in yogurt and tomato-curry sauce.


8.Lamb Korma 13,00€
Lamb in tomato-curry-cream sauce. 

9.Lamb Curry 13,00€two-spicy
Lamb in garlic-ginger-cumin-curry sauce. 

10.Lamb Saag 13,00€
Lamb in spinach-garlic-onion-ginger sauce. 


11.Prawn Saag 13,00€
Shrimps in spinach-ginger-cumin sauce.

12.Prawn Chilli 13,00€ three-spicy
Shrimps and capsicum in onion-tomato-chili-soy-garlic sauce. 

13.Fish Korma 13,00€
Fried pike (white fish) fillets in tomato-white pepper-cream sauce.

Each dish includes Basmati rice, Naan bread and Raita.
If you are allergic to certain ingredients please inform the restaurant staff.